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I created a FREE Etsy Strategy Guide to introduce you to what I did last year to make $140k on my Print on Demand Store!

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Gina's Profit Academy

What would an extra couple hundred bucks a week do for you right now?

Gina's Profit Academy is a detailed & easy to understand course that guides folks of any experience level through how to open & maintain multiple online revenue streams including: selling print on demand jewelry, opening a digital download store on Etsy, online freelancing gigs and more!

I'll guide you through ways to supplement your income by a few hundred dollars a week to making 6 figures this year.


One on One Coaching

Free Etsy Store Audit

The most common question I get in my DMs - "Can you look at my store?"

A store audit is by far the most helpful thing I do for my clients! We assess where you're currently at and strategize your next move.

This is something I do for the members of my course & group coaching on our coaching calls but I want to open it up and reach more of you.

I'll be doing a free store audit on my social media each week!

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Testimonials from Clients

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