Free Etsy Store Audit by Gina Menduni, Gina's Profit Academy - How to Sell On Etsy

FREE Etsy Store Audit

The most common question I get in my DMs - "Can you look at my store?"

A store audit is by far the most helpful thing I do for my clients! We assess where you're currently at and strategize your next move.

This is something I do for the members of my course & group coaching on our coaching calls as well as something I do on my one on one coaching calls but I want to open it up and reach more of you.

I'll be doing a free store audit on my social media each week!

Are you ready for yours? Click HERE to sign up!

A few things to note: there is a waiting list for these, these are 3 minutes long and public - they're posted on my social media channels.

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