How do I teach my clients to create million dollar print on demand products?

✍️ By building their copy-writing skills to create heartfelt, power messages that make customers want to buy these gifts immediately.

Here are the 3 most helpful skills to write powerful messages and how to use them. (#2 might make some people mad…)

#1 Write stronger hooks that keep their attention.

We primarily sell print on demand gifts that include a long, emotional message from the gift giver to the gift receiver (ex: gift for Daughter from Dad)

If someone reads the entire message from start to finish, they are way more likely to have an emotional response which means they are WAY more likely to buy. 

But when we run Facebook ads, we are doing interruption marketing. That customer didn’t log onto Facebook to buy a gift for their loved one. They are scrolling mindlessly.

Our job is to 1. Stop them and 2. Create a product so good, they leave social media and purchase it from our store.

But we all have 15 second TikTok brains. Asking someone to read 400-600 characters of text is asking a lot. 

If our hook (the first line on our product) is weak, that customer will be back to scrolling cat videos and conspiracy theories faster than you can say “She cried reading this”

On my weekly call with my clients, we work on crafting strong, interesting, scroll stopping hooks that keep someone’s attention, drawn them in and get them excited to read our messages. 

#2 There is never a good reason to sit down to a totally blank page to write messages. 

There’s a term “frankenquoting” that gets used a lot in our industry. Copy and pasting other people’s writing and quotes together to create your own message. 

And a lot of people make a lot of money ripping off other seller’s by copying their work.

Which is lazy.

You can draw inspiration from trending products, you can use other people’s work as a jumping off point to write your own but you don’t have to just rip someone else off to save time creating messages.

I’ve created a google cheat sheet for my clients - there are tabs for each niche with messages and lines of copy we find in our product/copywriting research calls. 

I always encourage my clients to keep their own version of this so they can collect all the strong phrases they find (including their own) to use a place to start when creating new products. 

Nothing kills the creative flow faster than a blank google doc. Start with something, rewrite it, make your own version, ask ChatGPT to rewrite it. 

There is a happy middle between ripping someone off and leveraging trends to work faster and make better products.

#3 Keep it personal, Keep it simple.

I’ve worked with a lot of freelancers over the last 5 years to help me with product creation for my store and my clients' stores.

But I never hire “creative writers.”

A very common learning curve for most people: when they hear, write a romantic message from a husband to wife, they hear write a love poem.

But the reason why our clients have sold 10s of million dollars worth of these POD products is because the average American relates to the messages. They feel like something THEY could’ve written. 

The messages are relatable and personal. They express universal experiences and feelings about love for their partner, pride in the adult their child has become, or gratitude for their parent. 

When you keep the language simple, the message personal, you’ll write messages that are more likely to SELL.

Most importantly, allocate a few hours each week to write the messages for your print on demand message cards or acrylics or canvas art or blankets etc.

Commit to it.

Put it in your calendar.

And watch your copywriting skills transform your products from something that makes a sale here or there to something that you can scale to the moon.

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