How I went from working 6 part time jobs to a 6 figure Print on Demand seller in a year & a half

👉 It's Simple: You can’t fill a cup that is already full. And my cup was empty.

When I first started selling online every little thing was time consuming and new. Maybe you feel the same way and you think you won't be able to succeed.

But it turns out...

🔥 My biggest weakness was actually my biggest strength. Everything I learned and implemented that showed any results I valued more than almost everyone else.

👉 So i filled my cup with skills and tasks that actually got results and nothing else.
There has never been a time where we can access this much free information online about how to start a Print on Demand store/ ecommerce business. Which can be great OR it can be dangerous.

👉 This industry is full of shiny objects 🌟 (google shiny object syndrome) 🌟 and bullish*t advice. So please be careful what you fill your cup with.

More than ever you need guidance to navigate through the sea of ineffective courses designed to give you busy work that makes you feel like your making progress but all your doing is filling your cup with garbage.

What's in your cup? 
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