I started working with a successful dropshipper who lost their store when their FB page scores tanked during COVID.

Here’s how we got them profitable again by switching to selling Print on Demand.

#1 Our primary POD supplier ships FAST from Florida 💨 🌴

We live in an Amazon prime world, y’all. It is so hard to keep customers happy with the old dropshipping models of ecommerce.

People don’t like waiting a week for their packages let alone a freakin’ month.

Our primary POD supplier, ShineOn Profits On-Demand ships out our products within a day or two from Florida. Seriously, as fast as 24-48 hours without expedited shipping charges.

Fast shipping + good customer service = happy customers, good page scores, and healthy ad accounts.

#2 The Return Rate is Low on Family Gifts

We sell gifts (jewelry, acrylic plaques, blankets, canvas art etc) that have beautiful, heartfelt messages written on them.

The quality is excellent and the emotional meaning behind the products touches people’s hearts. 💞

I’ve found that customers are typically way happier with their purchases when what they’ve bought really means something to them.

Also, who is telling their Grandma, hey I don’t really like this can you send it back? 🤣

#3 POD products have high perceived value vs your typically cheap tech gadgets that people dropship

🧐 Consider the perception and lifespan of these two products:

A cozy blanket that your mom buys for you with a genuine message on it, telling you to remember how much she loves you every time you wrap yourself up in it.


A small plastic light that projects the image of the moon on your ceiling that has a weird battery that you’d have to remember to special order once the light stops working.

The quality of your products is important. But the perceived quality is even more important.

You can’t have happy customers if they don’t “complete checkout”.

Gifts that have an emotional component feel inherently more personal, more special. This makes our job as marketers easier.

And the bonus to all of this is that I know when someone celebrates a holiday or special moment in their life with their loved ones, something I wrote or designed is bringing them joy.

I’m an entrepreneur - of course I love money but I’m also a huge softie and that part of this business brings me legitimate joy.
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