One of our students - a former ad agency owner - was struggling to make sales on her Print on Demand ecommerce store

Her monthly sales were under $1,000.

🔥 In less than a year, she’s generated $782K+ selling Print on Demand message card jewelry.

👉 Here’s 3 things she learned that got her store to explode:

#1 How to properly test products

She uses a simple roadmap to take the guesswork out of running ads.
Now she knows how to create products that sell.

👉 She tests at least 3 products/per week.
👉 She creates products with broad appeal.
👉 She focuses on sales instead of getting distracted by metrics that don’t matter (click thru rate, add to cart etc)

Did an actual human take out a credit card and buy? In initial testing, that’s the only data that matters.

#2 Understanding Seasonality & Using it

There are 3 or 4 times a year selling POD is going to be easier.

What if you used that info to jumpstart your ecom store and make sales faster?

And no, you don’t have to be a pro graphic designer or an ad spy genius…here’s a better way:

Adapt your testing methods during different seasons to find & develop evergreen products that will sell all year.

Know how to search for trends within seasonal holidays.

Identify daily and weekly patterns within your ad account to win BIG and lose SMALL.

#3 Learning from people doing it everyday to get success FASTER

Courses are often lengthy, confusing and out of date.

For the past 6 years, our team has helped more and more people start & grow multi 6 figure and 7 figure POD stores.

Our group members learn in real time on live calls 4x/week and in one on one sessions.

When things change (Facebook algorithm updates, product trends, etc) they can ask questions right away.

Being a part of a mastermind means leaning on others' experience and expertise to grow.

Your network = your net worth

Found that helpful? I hope so!

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